May 2nd 2018

Blog? What blog? Oh this one..

Like an old friend who you've not seen for centuries suddenly pops up and despite looking older and creakier (is that a word?) you start talking and before you know it, time has dropped away and it's like you've just picked up where you left off..which goes to prove time doesn't really exist, it's all part of a fake reality.. anyway where was I..oh yes this like an old friend etc etc a year has passed and here we are again.. kind of weird that, seems like yesterday..time..what is that all about? Well I'm not even going to bother trying to explain, not that I could if I wanted to. So how are you? Mural painting..that's it, that's what this is all about, and yet, you could just look at the pictures and hopefully you have so we'll leave it at that. What else do you want to know? About me? Well..there's not a lot to say really..seen the odd UFO, read the odd book, seen an odd bloke in the mirror but other than that not much has changed..still searching for the answers..still waking up..still trying to make sense of it all but one thing is for certain..The Beatles were absolutely right, all you need is love, so get on with it..what are you waiting for?

july 13th 2017

Is it a bird is it a plane..

Well, I mean you can't ignore it can you. There's so much rubbish posted on the subject it's no wonder people think you're nuts if you even dare mention it in passing, but there's no denying whether you believe in it or not, "are we alone in the universe" as a subject is undeniably interesting for bed time reading if nothing else! Well there I was, 3 in the morning and the dog wanted to go out and I mean sharpish, so down I went, let him out and it's freezing outside but a beautiful clear winter's night. So I'm sat there waiting staring in awe at all these stars I can see through the conservatory roof, and its a big conservatory and all of a sudden I had one of those is it a bird is it a plane moments..3 in the morning and yes I'm tired but I'm not drunk or anything, but what's that crossing the sky? At first I thought it was a flight of geese or something cos it was a V formation but I realised what I was looking at was solid, very large and moving very fast, no lights just a dark chevron shape flying silently right overhead..

I can't tell you what it was, all I know is what it wasn' I suppose I've joined the many now claiming to have seen something in the sky but then it could have been one of ours, just secret, not so secet now maybe, who knows. Can't wait to see another one to be honest..keep your eyes on the skies folks!

july 24th 2015

So I said to this bloke I said..

There's a lot of pomposity about with art isn't there? Isn't there?? Well, I think there is, especially when it comes to "real" art. So there I was standing in front of some performance art thingy, you know the stuff that us mere mortals stare at, trying not to look like we don't understand it but then giving in and saying under our breath.."what a load of crap that is".. as I did in ear shot of an art know-it-all who looks scornfully and then pathetically at me and attempts to enlighten me. I suppose the standard fit retro style "art" that us mere mortals tend to think of as art is all about accuracy, lighting and mood ie depicting something recognisable and being painted in a way that the person looking at it would be able to interpret any message that lay within the confines of the image, whilst at the same time left in no doubt it was a marvelous depiction of say a fruit bowl, or some heavily garbed camp looking pink satin trousered geezer with a feather in his hat sitting on top of a shiny white horse.. At least the word art is universally understood and in most languages as far as I know is "art" so when you say art most people understand it..then we have murals. Now I don't want to sound pompous, but murals are murals, and there's only one way to spell it, in English at least, but unfortunately in the UK there's a rather unfortunate alternative that has come about since Stan and Hilda Ogden on a UK TV soap in the 70's called Coronation Street had a "mural" on their wall. ( you may have noticed I used quotation marks there in a somewhat pompous way I suppose as the mural in question was actually a large photograph..) It was a mural of a pacific island if I remember rightly, not that I watched "Corry" a lot, but Stan & Hilda called it, in true "northern" style a "muriel". So I'm painting a mural the other day and this bloke comes up and looks at it and says, "So you paint muriels then?"..I just laughed and said "yeah"..

JUNE 23RD 2015

Welcome to my mobile friendly website

With changes to Googles algorithmns (no I don't know what they are either) I'm desperately trying and hopefully not failing to keep up with technology, but as an artist, my creative mind leaves me somewhat at sea (azure blue naturally) when you mention meta names, div class and anything to do with coding...aaaarrrrgggghhh!!!! So I'll apologise now if any of this website doesn't work, you'll just have to bear with me while I take a nap, do some yoga, have a brew and then, and only if I really feel like it, get back to my computer and fix it. After all, if I was meant to be a techno wiz kid, I'd have a beard, lots of straggly hair, stir my tea with a biro and enjoy playing games anhialiating heavily armed alien creatures on x-box or whatever platform they prefer..look, I've got murals to paint so that's what I do, but if you'd like to tell me what you think of my new site, any problems you find with it etc, I'd be delighted..well delighted's probably putting it a bit strongly..maybe fairly pleased that you've been kind enough to contact me so in anticipation of a flood of techno wiz kid comments about how low tech my website is, I'm off to have a for now..thanks to for the coding, and hope you like what I do..bye for now..Mark.



JUNE 22ND 2015

Todays weather

Same as yesterday. The end.


JUNE 18TH 2015

Believe In Yourself

When you look in a mirror, do you see yourself or someone else? Look, get over it, its you ok so stop pretending you look sexy.. in all probably you don't..well not to other humans, maybe to next doors are what you are..OK?