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Fairies & castles murals

Here are some samples of faires & castles designs for children's bedroom wall murals. When using existing characters, I will always create a different design for each client incorporating their chosen characters. Some clients comments..

"We commissioned Mark to wow our kids and he did not fail! Such a talent and very speedy too. We would recommend Giddy Goose to anybody looking for something magical in their homes and a fabulous alternative to shop bought wall coverings." - Niel Bethell - High Access, Manchester

"Oh Mark I absolutely love it!!" - Charlie, Prestwich, Manchester

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Fairytale murals

Princesses and castles

castle murals by Giddy Goose Art

Castle murals

childs name murals by Giddy Goose Art

Princess Castle murals

Fairy castle murals

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Fairy Castle murals