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Oswald Road School, Chorlton, Manchester

Oswald Road Primary School in Chorlton, Manchester wanted a doorway into an upstairs creative area, and a stairway in their newly built extension painting with murals

The school gave a list of things they wanted in the design including old wooden doors leading to open countryside with an old oak tree, the old school building and owls (the school emblem). I produced the design to include all of the requirements and once approved spent three days painting the mural by hand directly onto the doorway and walls. Also, the school wanted the school "visions" displayed in a design incorporating their school emblem, owls. I came up with the idea of a Vision Tree with owls designed by the children holding banners with the 10 visions.

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The design and original doorway

Vision Tree mural

Some comments..

"I like it very much because it shows that our school is a nice place
to be. Also it is really nice to have some colours around us." - Year 4 child

"I like it very much becuase it brings lots of colour to the school.
When you are about to open the doors, you feel like you're entering a
wonderful place and you are!"  Year 4 child

"What an amazing mural for the school. I can't wait to use it in a
creative way as an inspiration for our children's writing. Thank you
for such inspiring artwork - I look forward to seeing more."  Class teacher

"Hi Mark, the children were absolutely thrilled with your work. They
were so excited!" Deborah Howard (Head Teacher)

"..the mural is absolutely fantastic and everyone is so pleased with it". - Sue Lamb Business Manager

"The mural looks amazing" - Helen Wright Admin Manager

Client: Oswald Road School - Type: School Mural - Date: Summer 2013/Easter 2015